A 16-year-old Maharashtra girl has broken the  World Record for the longest dance marathon after dancing for “five days straight”. Srushti Sudhir Jagtap, of Latur, danced in the classical Indian style of Kathak during her record-breaking attempt, which lasted a breathtaking 127 hours between May 29 June 3.
The Maharashtrian teen topped Nepalese dancer Bandana Nepal’s 2018 record of 126 hours, according to a World Records press release, in her college’s “jam-packed” auditorium.
Swapnil Dangarikar, a GWR adjudicator, was present at hand to ensure Srushti was moving her feet at all times, which was one of the official Guinness eligibility criteria for her 127-hour dance marathon.
“There were moments of her being too tired, but her parents were by her side all the time, spraying her face with water to keep her fresh,” Swapnil explained.
For each hour of continuous activity, participants attempting the longest dance marathons are allowed a five-minute rest break, which can be accumulated if they decide against using it. Srushti, who only needed coffee as a stimulant to stay awake during her record attempt, used these breaks at midnight, when she either napped or talked to her parents, Sudhir and Sanjivani Jagtap.
Besides performing two dance marathons of 126 hours each as part of her 15-month-long preparation, the teen dancer practised Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, with her grandfather Baba Mane to gain “control over sleep”.
However, by the end of the official 127-hour dance marathon, the Laturkar said her body “was not responding”
But it was worth the toil as she achieved her dream of representing “India through dance”.
Srushti said her motivation behind the five-day-long endeavour was to “promote our Indian culture”.
According to timesnownews.com. Source of photos: internet