This cutting-edge archaeological park, the first of its kind, is made possible by the Malta Airport Foundation and Heritage Malta and is set to be launched this spring. The new underwater park is located in Xlendi Bay in the southwest corner of Malta’s sister island of Gozo.

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First discovered in 1993, this deep-water archaeological park, encompassing an area of 67,000 square meters (approx. 42 miles), will allow international researchers and technical divers to explore the history of Malta from a totally different deep-sea archaeological perspective. The marine park will showcase thousands of ancient artifacts, such as amphorae and urns, dating back to around 2,300 years, and natural heritage in the form of rocky outcrops formed by extinct coral reefs.

The Underwater Malta website will make the deep-water archaeological site accessible to all through 360-degree videos, images, and 3D models, which is a virtual museum of the islands’ underwater archaeological sites. The marine park will be the site of a small museum with some exhibits and video footage of the seabed archeological park. Minister Bonnici stated, “Through this virtual museum, more people can discover our underwater cultural heritage and appreciate the unique sites in our seas.”

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