Sujit Varghese, a Kerala-based artist with mobility disabilities, recently set a World Record by creating the largest GPS drawing. Varghese broke the record by covering a distance of 8.71 km in 24 hours by travelling through the streets of Dubai, passing Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. He drew the slogan of a disabled man sitting in a wheelchair through his GPS drawing.

Varghese, who was left paralysed after a bike accident in 2013, turned to GPS drawing as a way to combine his passion for art with his love for exploring the world around him. He used his wheelchair and a GPS tracker to carefully plan out his route and create the specific image he had in mind.

 Varghese shared his thoughts on the achievement. “It was beautiful to draw a slogan that everyone understands and transcends the borders of language. We have sent a message to the world via Dubai and Guinness World Records belonging to a community of like-minded people around the world,” he said, adding that it was great to set off from Dubai, the city most rich in values and accessibility of important people.

Through his Instagram profile, he shared an inspiring message for people to help them overcome challenges and achieve their dreams. Varghese wrote that his body was terribly aching with pain as he pushed the wheelchair to achieve his mission.

But, he remained focused and determined as he wanted to send the message to those struggling with disabilities that “disability is not the end, but the beginning of a new life”. “It was planned by a higher power that I become stronger through my adversities in life, for the purpose of giving strength to those who need it,” he added.

He also thanked those who had supported and helped him in his journey of recovery, which helped him achieve his feat.

Concluding, he wrote that people who have been through difficult phases in life, should not look for inspiration outside. Rather, they should look in the mirror for inspiration and acceptance as the world could be looking up to them for motivation.

According to Source of photos: internet