Meerut artist Harshit Bansal’s ring “Marigold-The Ring of Prosperity” has set new records. The ring is made of 12,939 small diamonds.  The ring weighs 165 grams. Harshat said he had no plans to sell the ring. He has turned down many customers who are willing to buy this piece. “This ring is very expensive and a matter of honor for me,” Harshit said. He called this ring his dream. Two years ago, he had an idea to make a mug. At the time, he was studying jewelry in Surat.

Surat is said to be the stronghold of India’s diamonds. “My goal was to make more than 10,000 diamonds,” Harshit said. Before selecting this design, many designs were made and put in the dustbin. Eventually a design touched his mind, and in that design he decided to make a print. A statement from Harshit’s company said: It’s very rare.

First of all, an artist from Hyderabad set the record for most diamonds in a ring. He made a ring in 6,601 diamonds. The ring was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. The size of the ring was also like a flower. The sculptor was inspired by the design of the beautiful lotus flower.