Per Salvador Rodriguez of ESPN Deportes, the event broke the record for the largest boxing class in the world with 14,299 attendees.

The event took place at the Zocalo for 30 minutes and was hosted by 15 current and former Mexican boxers, including Erik “El Terrible” Morales, Andy Ruiz Jr., Oscar Valdez, Jackie Nava, Humberto “Chiquita” González, Miguel Berchelt, Jose “Pipino” Cuevas, Alfonso Zamora, Jose Luis Bueno, Jose Antonio “Jaguar” Aguirre, Ganigan Lopez, Adrian “Confesor” Hernandez, Mariana Juarez, Ana Maria Torres and Alan David Picasso.

Javier Hidalgo Ponce, director of the Sports Institute of Mexico City, handed out t-shirts with green, white and red colors to represent the Mexican flag to all participants earlier this month in anticipation of the mass class.

“It will be a great multicolored party because together we will form the Mexican flag with these beautiful shirts that each and every one of the participants in the Massive Boxing Class will have,” Hidalgo said on June 3 (via Rodriguez).

Per, a total of 40,000 participants registered to take part in the class. Due to limited space at the location, organizers were only anticipating 15,000 to 20,000 people to participate.

“To break the Guinness Record, the Massive Class will be continuous, it will not be able to stop,” WBC Boxing wrote. “Participants will only be able to take two 20-second breaks to hydrate during the class.”

The previous world record for largest boxing class belonged to a 2017 event held at Red Square in Moscow, Russia, with 3,250 attendees.

According to Source of photo: internet