Henna art, or mehndi designing, has emerged as an attractive passion-turned-profession in the recent past. But entering the book of World Records with the art form has perhaps never been in the thoughts of mehndi artists in the state. Until now. 

Adithya Nidhin (25) a resident of Kadalundi in Kozhikode, has set a record for the most number of mehndi designs drawn on people’s hands – 910 – in an hour. She did it at an event organised exclusively for her, from 10am to 11am, at the CMHS ground in Kadalundi on New Year’s Day. 

To the amazement of the crowd at the venue, Adithya broke the record in the 37th minute. The previous record holder, Samina Hussain, had drawn mehndi designs on 600 hands in an hour in the UK. “I was interested in mehndi art from a very young age and wanted to do something big in this field,” Adithya said.

“I began searching the internet if any competition in mehndi existed. Fortunately, I came across news reports on record holders. I decided to not only do what the previous record holder had done, but worked towards bettering it. I was overawed when I reached the venue, which was crowded with people from my town. My husband, Nidhin, then gave me the motivation and encouragement to attempt the world record,” said Adithya. 

The most essential thing is time, says Adithya

The entire process was carried out in the presence of eminent judges and witnesses, with two video cameras scrutinising the activity on every person’s hand. “But the most important thing is time, and the time keepers who monitored my time throughout the show announced the timing every now,” she said.

Adithya had earlier painted the seven wonders of the world in 12 minutes with mehndi to enter the Asian Book of Records and the Indian Book of Records.

According to newindianexpress.com. Source of photo: internet