While many workers worry about A.I. replacing their jobs, one company announced it’s hiring the first humanoid robot CEO.

Mika is a research project between Hanson Robotics and Polish rum company Dictador, who customized the CEO to represent the company and its unique values. 

In a Dictador company video, Mika said that “with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, I can swiftly and accurately make data-driven.”

However, FOX Business reporter Lauren Simonetti noted that there is a “significant delay” in the time it takes Mika to process and respond to your question. 

Hanson Robotics CEO David Hanson, who played a key role in employing Mika at Dictador, emphasized the importance of “humanizing” artificial intelligence.

I feel very strongly that we need to teach A.I. to care about people for A.I. to be really safe, to be really, really good. I think humanizing that is a very important direction,” Hanson explained on “Mornings with Maria” earlier in the week. 

Simonetti hit the streets of New York City to get Americans’ take on the robot boss.

One person said they would “absolutely” treat it with compassion, with another adding that humans should be nice to “all things that think.”

One man had a different take, arguing that “robots don’t need respect” because they are “just machines.” 

A majority of people agreed that AI would likely continue to take jobs from humans.

According to nypost.com. Source of photos: internet