Meta Materials Inc. announced the production qualification and launch of QUANTUM stripe, a revolutionary banknote security product based on its KolourOptik technology. QUANTUM stripe is the first product to deliver an unparalleled combination of movement, 3D stereoscopic depth, and multicolour effects in an ultrathin form factor, providing next-generation security and an engaging authentication experience. QUANTUM stripe leverages META’s expertise in nanotechnology and metamaterials.

Its customizable effects are intended to help central banks and governments protect the public from currency counterfeiters and counterfeit-related economic losses. Limitless in design, the QUANTUM stripe is readily integrated into banknotes with industry-standard processes and equipment, providing a captivating and intuitive experience that is both easy to authenticate and difficult to replicate. META completed the production qualification of QUANTUM stripe, demonstrating its industrial application and exceptional durability.

The company has conducted industry-standard tests including chemical resistance, crumpling, and abrasion performance tests, independently validated by third-party labs, Ugra and UnderCurrency. META is now ready to accept orders from industry partners and customers interested in implementing this revolutionary banknote security solution.

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