The Internet, of course, is full of wonderful information, including educational videos, creative software, and games designed to both teach and entertain kids. There are many corners of the Internet that are less than child-friendly, as well, and that’s where parental control software typically comes in.

Dedicated ‘Kids Modes’ have become increasingly popular, particularly on tablets designed for young users, and so it’s not surprising that Microsoft has given its Edge browser a boost in appeal by adding a dedicated Kids Mode. With this, parents can choose their child’s age group (5-8 and 9-12) and then give them access to the browser.

Kids are given access to around 70 ‘popular kids sites,’ according to Microsoft, which explains that a block page will appear if the child attempts to access an unapproved web page. Parents are given the option of customizing which websites their child can access, as well, for a personalized experience.

Assuming you choose the ‘9-12’ age group for the Kids Mode, the child will also get access to a curated news feed on the New Tab Page. The content is pulled from the MSN for Kids platform and focuses on age-appropriate content in categories like science and animals. Finally, the parent must authorize a switch out of Kids Mode to prevent the child from sneaking on to other sites.

Microsoft Edge is offering Kids Mode to users in the US now. The new feature has launched with themes based on popular Pixar and Disney movies and TV shows.

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