Microsoft is launching a new digital publication, WorkLab, to highlight research, science-based insights, and stories around the future of work. Through the publication, Microsoft will share the thinking and processes that influence the creation of products and features. With WorkLab, Microsoft intends to take people on a journey of the science of work and innovation by Microsoft scientists, researchers, engineers, and business leaders.

The website currently has stories showing how the COVID-19 pandemic influenced product innovations across Microsoft 365. In Microsoft Teams for example the company says digital pager systems and walkie talkie features were developed to help frontline workers. Microsoft introduced Focus Assist in Windows 10 to curb digital distractions after productivity researchers identified different types of workplace distractions. Research scientists also helped in developing the Together mode feature in Microsoft Teams, so people can feel more connected and focused in meetings.

Microsoft will use WorkLab to start and listen to conversations on the changing world of work and shape tools and products through these conversations.