In July last year, Microsoft confirmed that it would be scrapping its Cortana mobile application. Support for the Android and iOS AI-powered assistant ended on January 31, 2021, everywhere except the U.S. The reason for the decision to end Cortana was to remodel the app as a “productivity-focused” product.

Today Microsoft pulled the final trigger in Cortana’s end-of-life process. Spotted by MacRumors, the support page for the virtual assistant’s mobile app was updated today. According to the page, from today onwards, the Cortana app will not be supported on iOS and Android in the U.S. anymore.

All content created with the AI assistant will no longer be accessible through the mobile app. Users will need to access notes, lists, reminders and other content through their Windows PCs or through the content synced to the Microsoft To Do app for phones.

Prior to today’s developments, Cortana was already pretty much dead on Android and iOS devices in other parts of the world. The AI-powered voice assistant was also removed from devices such as Harman Kardon’s Invoke smart speaker and the Surface Headphones.