With the hope of a good and successful new year, Mobiado officially launches the Forma Yoto version with golden buffalo motifs. The image of a buffalo in Forma Yoto not only represents the endurance and resilience to overcome all difficulties. With the shape like a unicorn, it also gives the image of a strong rebound to be able to reach out to success in the new year.



Mobiado is a company specializing in luxury phones with phones made of high-quality materials and sold at very high prices, mainly meant for collection. The Mobiado Forma Yoto with golden buffalo pattern welcoming the year of the New Ox 2021 will be limited to 100 units only. This is also the most expensive phone model in the Forma line with a price of about 118 million VND.

The Forma Yoto is crafted like a high-end Swiss watch. The chassis is made from super-durable 316L steel cast. The front is a seamless monolithic sapphire plate from the screen to the keyboard with a total weight of up to 174.5 carats, polished entirely by hand.

The Forma Yoto is wrapped in handcrafted South American alligator leather, with a special chocolate sapphire color only available on the Limited edition. These are also the factors that make the Forma “Golden Ox” unique and worth collecting in 2021.



According to VnExpress