A US company based in Cleveland, Ohio has created a new AI-driven radio technology called RadioGPT, which it claims can broadcast everything on air from voice and music, find local news stories, and even create social media posts.

Futuri, the company behind the technology, claims in a press release announcing the technology that all the content it creates can be completely localised to where it is broadcasted.

Users can choose AI-generated voices, with shows being hosted by up to three different characters, or perhaps even more impressively (or scarily), train the AI system to replicate the voices of existing hosts.

RadioGPT will then create scripts for shows, scouring through thousands of local Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts to find out what topics are trending, and play music.

It can then immediately publish broadcasts and shows as podcasts by using a POST add-on, which is also designed by Futuri.

To support and promote the shows, RadioGPT can create website blogs, social media posts and even short form video content.

RadioGPT uses the same GPT-3 technology as the recent disruptive AI phenomenon ChatGPT, which has recently caused a stir in tech, digital marketing and media industries. It has even shaken up the educational sector, with concern in schools and universities about students using it to complete their homework and assignments.

Phil Becker, The Executive Vice President of Content at Alpha Media, one of Futuri’s partners in the venture, kind of said: “At Alpha Media, we always seek innovative ways to engage our audiences.

“That’s why we’re part of Futuri’s RadioGPT beta group,” he continued.

According to mixmag.net. Source of photos: internet