He was born with tetra-amelia without fully formed limbs. Vujicic has two small and deformed feet, one of which he calls his “chicken drumstick” because of its shape. Originally, the toes of his “chicken drumstick” foot were fused. An operation was performed to separate the toes so that he could use them as fingers to grab, turn a page, or do other things. He has been able to use his foot to operate an electric wheelchair, a computer and a mobile phone.

His schoolfellows bullied him and teased him constantly because of the way he looked. Growing up, Nick struggled with depression and felt completely hopeless. When Nick was 10 years old he tried to drown himself in his family’s bathtub. After several attempts, he realized that he didn’t want his loved ones to suffer. Nick eventually came to terms with his disability and worked on adopting a positive attitude.

At the age of 17, he had an inspiring encounter with his high school janitor that changed his life forever. The janitor told Nick that “You’re going to be a speaker”. The janitor saw something in Nick that he didn’t see himself and encouraged him to share his story. Nick gave his first speech in front of an audience of six students. After realizing that he wasn’t alone in his struggles, Nick wanted to help others find hope and meaning in life.

Nick decided to go into Public Speaking to inspire others. Nick founded his non-profit organization ‘Life Without Limbs’. It gave him a platform to share his testimony and campaign against bullying.

Since then, Nick has traveled to over sixty countries and inspired millions of people around the world. Nick has given over 3000 speeches, speaking to people from all walks of life.

Today, Nick is one of the most in-demand motivational speakers in the world. Nick has learned not to let his limitations stop him from enjoying a happy life. Nick has been skydiving, surfs, swims and paint in his spare time. In 2008, Nick met a woman that came to hear him give a Motivational Speech. They fell madly in love and got married four years later. Today Nick Vujicic is the father of 4 children.

Nick Vujicic’s first book is a bestselling book and has been translated too over 30 languages.