An NFT collection inspired by the red planet provides users with a virtual journey into space. Like other metaverses, this platform offers virtual experiences and environments that continue to gain momentum during the online shift triggered by the pandemic.

Humans are fascinated by Mars — and building off their desire to explore space, this NFT collection is inspired by the moving red dot in the night sky. Users can experience the real Mars surface with gamification and decentralized creativity as reality and fiction merge in the metaverse.

A journey into space

The metaverse world has been designed to blur the boundaries between our real and virtual lives. Therefore, owning property is positioned as equivalent to doing so in the real world. Mars4 is a Metaverse based on a geographically accurate Virtual Mars created by data from Nasa and powered by Mars Land NFTs. In conjunction with the metaverse, the platform’s founders are also creating play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics that will result in a combination of Axie Infinity and Decentraland on Mars.

The Mars4 platform proposes an interactive 3D virtual world that has been divided into land plots — each plot representing a 1,448 square kilometer (559 square mile) piece of land on Mars. In addition to these land plots, 888 ultra-rare NFTs will represent the most famous geographical sites, which will be auctioned on platforms like OpenSea and Rarible — and one day, potentially the digital arms of traditional auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

This is only the first step in the team’s roadmap. The development team has plans to continue building a VR platform for users to explore and participate in the affairs of the MARS4 world and further high-quality game development. Since each NFT can be experienced in a 3D environment, Mars4 aims to be one of the leading destinations in the metaverse. On Mars4, users will aspire to own land and terraform plots to create the next habitable planet in the solar system. In addition to owning a piece of land on Mars, users can benefit in other ways.

In a future development, it will be possible to use NFTs for staking and liquidity mining. In alignment with the team’s official roadmap, one of the biggest goals for the project “is to eventually make Mars4 a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for NFT owners to control governance decisions, such as policy updates, auctions and marketplace mechanics.”

Mars brought to life

The Mars4 project is a dual tokenomics engine, meaning the platform itself relies on two types of tokens, each with a different function for players. MARS is the currency in the MARS4 metaverse, which users may use for trading, gaming and NFT minting, and MARS Land NFTs each represent a piece of land on Mars that will form the core part of the P2E experience.

The Mars4 team is also leveraging strategic partnerships with Momentum 6, Dappradar, Sketch AR and Illuvium, among other well-known industry names. Early backers include leading venture capital firms in the industry such as OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Ascensive Assets, Spark Digital Capital, NGC, Genblock, X21 and Vendetta — alongside angel investors including the founders of Illuvium, the CEO of, and the CEO of Quantstamp.

The team says that — over the next 12 months — their mission is “to continue to develop the gaming elements of our Mataverse and P2E, continue to sell Mars Land NFTs, build a strong and passionate community of gamers from both crypto and gaming world, launch a collection of 10,000 Martian Avatar NFTs (think CryptoPunks on Mars) that can be used in the game.