The update comes from Europe as JBE Books announced plans to bring One Piece to readers in a new way. It turns out the publisher is creating a limited edition volume of One Piece that collects just about all of its pages to date. So in this one volume, there are a staggering 21,540 pages.

Obviously, that is a huge book. A volume this big will require its own shelf for display, and let’s not even touch upon the topic of spine creasing, okay?

With over 21,000 pages to its name, this volume will become the world’s longest book ever printed for sale. There will be an untold number of panels to take in, and of course, it will cost collectors a pretty penny. The book will cost fans a whopping $1,900+ USD before shipping and taxes. And given how limited the print is, there is no telling how much secondhand copies would cost.

Only time will tell if One Piece is given an official award from Guinness World Records to make their huge book’s efforts. No record has been set by the group for this particular title, after all. However, World Records has honored the world’s longest novel. The title belongs to author Marcel Proust and his classic Remembrance of Things Past. The novel contains nearly ten million characters across its 13-volume run.

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