On March 23rd, 2023, in Phu Quoc City (Vietnam), WiT Training Organization Joint Stock Company set a record for the “Training organization runs online courses “Understanding the Inner – Creating Happiness” combined with “Practice to Change” to practice swimming and running with the most attended multi-country participants in Vietnam.”

WiT Training Organization Joint Stock Company, founded in April 2021, is a company that organizes courses on topics such as health, introspection, change practice, inner energy, and so on.

Through the courses, participants will gain a better understanding of themselves. People can then comprehend others in order to achieve their goals, take control of their lives, and create a healthy, prosperous, and joyful living environment.

One of the most well-known WiT training courses is “Understanding the Inner – Creating Happiness,” which is combined with “Practice to Change.” Participants in this course will not only learn and explore more about their brain and worldview, but they will also practice health training through swimming and running. The equal training in both mental and physical aspects has made this dual course one of the most appealing programs of the organization, with up to 150 students from a variety of countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Iceland, Switzerland, the Vatican, and others.

At the end of each course, participants will have the opportunity to participate in internal organization events such as the IRONWiT competition, RUN TO YOUNG, and so on, to help participants review what they have learned thus far.

WiT Training Organization Joint Stock Company established a Vietnamese record, titled:

The training organization offers online courses called “Understanding the Inner – Creating Happiness” in conjunction with “Practice to Change” to practice swimming and running with the most multi-country participants in Vietnam.

Mr. Duong Duy Lam Vien – Secretary General of the Vietnam Record Association, Director of the Vietnam Records Institute and Mr. Ha Phuoc Dung awarded the Vietnam Record Certificate to the representatives of the WiT Training Organization Joint Stock Company (Photo: Vietkings)