Smartphone charging technologies have been speeding up the process more and more in recent years, and OPPO has been one of the companies at the forefront of those improvements. Many of its phones released in 2020 featured what it called SuperVOOC charging, which charges at 65W to fully top up a battery in just over 40 minutes. The OPPO Watch also featured an adaptation of that technology to charge fairly quickly.

Now, the Chinese manufacturer and sister brand to OnePlus has announced that it wants to license its VOOC charging technologies to other companies, helping to bring those speeds to other products. OPPO calls this The Flash Initiative, and the company has already announced three partners as part of the program. These include Anker, known mostly known for its portable chargers and power banks; FAW-Volkswagen, a joint venture that creates cars for the Chinese market; and NXP Semiconductors, a chip manufacturer that focuses primarily on automotive and industrial applications.

The goal is to eventually bring fast-charging technologies to more and more places, which should help lessen battery worries for users of different kinds of devices. Adler Feng, Senior Director of Intellectual Property at OPPO, said: “The Flash Initiative reflects OPPO’s belief in human-centric technologies that make a difference in people’s everyday lives. And thanks to our new partners, our proprietary technologies can reach more people than ever before. This is a vital step in freeing consumers to use their devices however they want, no matter what they need to do or where in the world they are.”

Aside from shipping 65W chargers with some of its phones, OPPO has previously announced chargers up to 125W and wireless chargers supporting up to 65W – which it calls AirVOOC. The company is showcasing its technologies at MWC Shanghai, which is taking place this week, when we’d usually be at MWC Barcelona. The events were switched around this year due to the pandemic.