A Pakistani family from Larkana has held a World Record since 2019 for more than just their shared surname. This family of nine has something extraordinary in common: they blow out birthday candles on the same day – August 1. With this, the family holds the record for ‘Most family members born on the same day’.

Meet the record-holding family

The Mangi family comprises Ameer and Khudija, the proud parents who share the joy of raising seven children with the same birthday on August 1. Their children, Sindhoo, Sasui, Sapna, Aamir, Ambar, Ammar, and Ahmar, are aged between 19 and 30. This record-breaking accomplishment is further underscored by the fact that the Mangi children also hold the record for the ‘most siblings born on the same day.’

Birthday coincides with wedding anniversary

What makes August 1 even more special for Ameer and Khudija is that it marks their wedding anniversary. The couple tied the knot on their birthday in 1991. And exactly a year after, they gave birth to their eldest daughter, Sindhoo. Little did they know then that their family would grow to share the same day as their birthday.

Rare twins with coincident birthdays

The Mangi family gave birth to two sets of twins, each born on August 1. Five years after twin girls Sasui and Sapna were born, twin boys Ammar and Ahmar were born in 2003. This marks the fifth verified instance of a mother giving birth to two sets of twins with coincident birthdays, equalling the record for the ‘most twin siblings born on the same day’.

Ameer told that he hadn’t consciously planned for his kids to be born on the same day and that “it was all natural; from Allah.” The organization further reports that all the children were conceived and born naturally. None of the children were delivered prematurely via caesarean section, nor was Khudeja’s labour ever induced early.

August 1- A merry occasion

August 1 has transformed into a day of great celebration in the Mangi household. “Earlier we used to celebrate our birthdays in a simple manner, but now we do it a lot more and with a lot of happiness,” Sasui told Guinness World Records. They also told the record-keeping organization that nine of them share the same cake on August 1.

After the Mangi family was awarded their Guinness World Records title, Ammar said that he felt “much obliged to God on bestowing this world record” and that the same birthday has “proven to be very lucky” for his family.

According to hindustantimes.com. Source of photos: internet