The French capital is investing €250 million into significant upgrades to cycling infrastructure and maintenance within the next four years. Thousands of new bicycle stands and an increased number of protected cycleways will be introduced as part of ‘Plan Velo: Act 2’.

As of this year, Paris already has more than 1,000km of safe cycle paths including around 52km of “coronapistes” that were temporarily introduced during the pandemic. It now plans to make these permanent and add another 130km of safe paths to encourage people to cycle in the city.

Paris officials are hoping to make it easier to get across the city on a bike by introducing routes that cross the city and go out into the surrounding suburbs. Places where cyclists are put in danger by crossing busy roads and key entry points into the city centre will also be made more secure.

The aim is to make it possible to cycle safely from one end of Paris to the other.

The city also reported that in 2020, bicycle thefts increased by seven percent and around 80 percent of people who don’t want to cycle say fear of their bike being stolen is their number one reason.

To encourage more people to embrace pedal power, Paris is more than tripling its secure cycle parking by adding 100,000 new spots including 1,000 spaces for cargo bikes.

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