Christian Cavaletti has been collecting Pepsi cans since 1989.

A man in Italy was recently recognized for the second time as having the most Pepsi cans in the world.

Christian Cavaletti, 50, of Milan, Italy, has 12,402 cans of Pepsi, the world’s largest Pepsi can collection.

Cavaletti held the previous record, which was made in 2004. At the time, he had 4,391 Pepsi cans. His collection was recounted in March and he was awarded again by Guinness last week, according to a press release.

Cavaletti – whose favorite Pepsi flavor is the wild cherry edition from the U.S. – started accumulating Pepsi cans in June 1989.

He keeps his collection on shelves in his basement organized chronologically and by country. Cavaletti has Pepsi cans from 81 countries.

His collection includes the first-ever Pepsi can edition from 1948, a 1960s prototype, and a reproduction of the “space can” which was made in 1985 for the STS 51-F space mission, also known as Spacelab-2. He also has the oldest set of Pepsi cans that were made in Spain in the 1980s, which features superheroes from the Marvel Universe and “Aviones de Combate,” which means fighting jets.

Cavaletti, who is a member of the National Pop Can Collectors club and the Pepsi-Cola Collectors Club, hopes to turn his collection into an exhibit for the public, while continuing to acquire more cans.