A plentiful pizza baked in France has broken the World Record for the most varieties of cheese on a pizza. 

The record-breaking creation includes a tongue-twisting 940 French cheeses and 61 from other parts of the world. Benoît Bruel and Fabien Montellanico, two French pizza chefs, cooked it up.

To achieve the savory feat, the pizzamakers—who also got assistance from cheesemaker Sophie Hatat Richart-Luna and YouTuber Florian OnAir—cut a two-gram cube of each cheese and added it to the top of the base of the pizza.

“We had to pre-cook the pizza dough to prevent it tearing up with the weight of all that cheese,” Bruel explained to the record book.

They layered the softer cheeses atop the harder ones and placed a cookie cutter around the mound for it to stay together while it was cooking.

Then, after two minutes, the cookie cutter was removed, and the pizza was returned to the oven for 20 seconds before being taken out.

Bruel, who earned the title once before, in 2020, when he used 254 different cheeses, traveled around France for five months in search of additional cheese varieties.

Many chessemakers even gave him their cheese free of charge, once they learned he was attempting a world record.

“It’s been a real feat being among the cheesemakers as well as being on the farms to meet the producers who are so passionate about their profession,” Bruel, who has been in the pizza making business for 13 years, told the record book.

The audacious chef also earned the record for the largest display of cheese varieties, beating the previous record of 730, which was set in 2016.

According to nypost.com. Source of photos: internet