The Candela C-8 debuts its high speed yet efficient performance at CES 2023. The watercraft, 28 foot long and made with a 100% carbon fiber hull, offers sailors long range at sea using electric. It can reach a top speed of 30 knots, and can cruise for over two hours at 20 knots.

To achieve this, the boat is the Swedish brand’s first production day cruiser equipped with their electric hydrofoil system. The hydrofoils enable the craft to fly above the waves, reducing water friction by 80%. The fins can be retracted for entering shallow harbors or for ease when trailering. It can also be driven as a traditional planing hull, although with less efficiency.

Taking two years of development, the engineers and designers at Candela created C-Controller, an onboard computer that balances the craft in the water. It uses a variety of sensors to adjust the hydrofoils in real time to counteract the waves, wind and different loads. The craft itself is powered by the electric C-POD motor with 55kW.

With the C-8, we set out to make the first no-compromise electric boat with maximum range and speed, but we’ve ended up with a new and improved class of craft, which also happens to be electric,‘ said Gustav Hasselskog, Candela’s founder and CEO. ‘It’s a far superior experience to old-school hulls with combustion engines. Boaters no longer must contend with vomit-inducing pitching and slamming, or the deafening roar from revving outboard engines. Once you’ve experienced flying above the surface in absolute silence, it’s hard to go back.

Capable of being configured with a hard top or open cockpit, the C-8 seats eight passengers in the large, comfortable cockpit. The spacious front cabin is equipped with beds for two adults and two children, and features a marine toilet. All settings onboard, from turning on the cooler to the navigation, is controlled by the boat’s 15.4.-inch touchscreen or remotely via an app.

According to Source of photo: internet