Qatar has topped this index in the past five years with an interruption from Japan in 2018. It also sits in the top 10 percentile of many other indexes including the Global Peace Index (23rd) and US News’ safest country index (29th).

Numbeo’s index is a crowdsourced “living database” that accounts for factors including quality of life, housing, healthcare, transport quality, and perceived crime rates.

According to Numbeo, Qatar’s crime index in particular has seen an improvement from last year. Other Gulf nations also make the top 10 of the index, including the UAE (2), Oman (5) and Bahrain (10). Others in the top 10 include Taiwan (3), the Isle of Man (4), Hong Kong (6), Armenia (7), Japan (8) and Switzerland (9). Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Monaco, Croatia and Iceland were ranked 11 to 15, respectively.

Meanwhile, Venezuela remained the least safe country in the world, with the highest crime index at 82.6 and the lowest safety index measured at 17.4.

Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan, South Africa, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Syria, Somalia and Jamaica are the top 10 least safe countries, according to Numbeo.

Similarly in the safest city category, Doha was second after Abu Dhabi with Taipei (Taiwan), Ajman, Sharjah (both UAE), Quebec (Canada), Dubai (UAE), San Sebastian (Spain) and Eskisehir (Turkiye) making up the rest of the top ten.

Muscat (Oman) joined the other Gulf cities in the top 15 while Riyadh was ranked 55th by Numbeo.

The statistics come as fans from around the globe hailed Qatar for hosting what they described as the safest World Cups in the history of the FIFA tournament.

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