An exhibition by Crayola called “IDEAworks” has debuted a giant, vinyl coloring page that aims to set the Guinness Record for the world’s largest coloring page. The coloring page measures at 1,040 square feet, according to Crayola IDEAWorks.

“Bringing an opportunity like this to Charlotte children is truly extraordinary,” Clayton Ferguson, the producer of Crayola IDEAworks, said in a news release. “They were all part of something truly unique and creative this week.

This project encapsulated the true purpose of Crayola IDEAworks by inspiring people of all ages to unlock their own extraordinary imagination.”

More than 250 kids who visited the coloring page this week were supplied with over 1,000 Crayola Jumbo crayons to color the page with, according to the press release. Other segments of the exhibition, which will remain open at Camp North End until July 31, include hands-on digital and physical activities, photo opportunities and drawing tables.

Crayola IDEAWorks claims to have broken the record, although Guinness World Record adjudicators have yet to confirm that.

If Crayola IDEAworks succeeds in obtaining the title, the record will join the catalog of Guinness World Records set or broken in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here are a few of the more unique titles obtained in Charlotte:

THE LARGEST ANT FARM – The ant farm at Discovery Place Science in Charlotte measures 3 cubic feet, and was achieved on April 15, 2019, by Terminix Service, Inc.

THE MOST LIT CANDLES IN THE MOUTH – Garrett James holds the current world record for most lit candles held in the mouth at 105 candles. It was achieved by James in Charlotte on June 25, 2021.

THE LONGEST FRONT-WHEEL WHEELIE ON A MOTORCYCLE – The longest front-wheel wheelie (stoppie) on a motorcycle lasted for 1320.3 feet and was achieved by Jesse Toler at the Charlotte Diesel Super Show in Charlotte on Oct. 5, 2012.

According to Source of photo: internet