Sergey Agadzhanyan, dubbed the “Russian Hulk,” broke the world record for towing multi-ton equipment on May 19 by dragging three helicopters at the same time without the use of special devices like ladders.

The Russian Hulk blew up a medical heating pad (hot water bottle) while towing helicopters.

The combined weight of the helicopters, which included two Ansat helicopters and one Mi-8 helicopter, was 15.6 tonnes, and Agadzhanyan moved them 4.3 metres in 24.63 seconds.

The helicopters were lined up parallel to one another in front of the athlete, with the famed Mi-8 helicopter in the centre weighing nine tonnes and two Ansat helicopters on the sides weighing up to 3.3 tonnes each.

The athlete had to make three attempts, battling the rain to pull the helicopters along the slick road.

Vasily Grishchenko, the head of the Russian Federation of Power Extremes, set the record.

The event took place at the Kazan Helicopter Plant’s flight test facility, which is owned by the Russian helicopter holding company Rostec.

According to Source of photo: internet