Sanssouci Park is an ensemble of palaces and garden complexes, which were built under Frederick the Great during the 18th century and were expanded under Frederick William IV in the 19th century.

Frederick the Great wanted to cultivate plums, figs, and wine on Potsdam’s doorstep. In 1744, he had a terraced garden designed in Sanssouci Park for this reason. But, due to the exceptionally beautiful view, he conceived of a summer residence above the terraces just a year later.

The Baroque garden, which had gone out of fashion in the meantime, was redesigned in the style of a landscape park under Frederick the Great’s successors and was expanded by Frederick William IV by structures such as Charlottenhof Palace, the Orangery, and the Roman Baths. Today, Sanssouci Park provides a breathtaking backdrop for events such as the Potsdam Court concerts and musical festivals.