The Governor of the Digital Government Authority Ahmed Bin Mohammad Al-Suwayan and Ministry of Health official spokesman Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdel Ali were present.

Saudi Arabia’s health ministry on Monday launched the Kingdom’s first virtual hospital as part of ongoing efforts to digitalize the healthcare sector.

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With a growing live network of 130 connected hospitals, SEHA Virtual Hospital (SVH) is the largest of its kind in the world. The only other virtual hospital to rival it is in the US, with 43 connected hospitals.

The virtual hospital will harness the latest innovative technologies to provide specialised services to support health facilities in the Kingdom.

Additionally, it will contribute to transferring expertise to newly graduated doctors to raise the efficiency of medical services as well as providing a service for receiving requests and inquiries from all hospitals through the various specialised clinics.

The services provided by the hospital include: virtual services for electroencephalogram patients (EEG), virtual clinics, stroke patients’ care, ICUs, as well as radiology.

According to arabnews