The timeless epic composition, Shri Ramcharitmanas, has garnered well-deserved global recognition and continues to reach remarkable milestones. The monumental achievement of Shri Ramcharitmanas being officially registered as the world’s longest song is a testament to its enduring impact and significance.

In an extraordinary display of talent and perseverance, Dr. Jagdish Pillai from Varanasi has set a remarkable World Record by singing the entire Shri Ramcharitmanas for an awe-inspiring duration of 138 hours, 41 minutes, and two seconds. This remarkable accomplishment has been officially recognised in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records as the longest song ever composed.

He came across an intriguing fact in 2016 that a singer from America had set a record for singing the longest song, which was coincidentally named after him. The American singer accomplished this remarkable feat by continuously performing a choral tune in a church. Inspired by this discovery and driven by his own passion for music, Jagdish made the resolute decision to undertake the challenge of singing the longest song and aimed to establish a record under his own name.

How Did This Idea Strike Him?

The idea to embark on this ambitious endeavor struck Jagdish as he delved into his search for verses to incorporate into his record-breaking song. It was during this process that he was reminded of the profound and extensive texts such as Ramcharitmanas and Ramayana, which comprise thousands of verses. Recognising the potential of these sacred scriptures, Jagdish was inspired to undertake the monumental task of crafting a song encompassing their essence.

When Did the Record-breaking Journey Begin?

Jagdish commenced his recording journey in the year 2019, but unfortunately, the progress of his project was intermittently disrupted by the unexpected arrival of the Covid pandemic. Like countless others, he faced challenges and had to put his work on hold temporarily. However, when circumstances gradually returned to a semblance of normalcy, Jagdish tenaciously resumed his construction on the monumental project.

Undeterred by the setbacks, Jagdish’s perseverance and determination ultimately paid off. In 2022, he reached the culmination of his tireless efforts, completing the composition that now stands proudly as the longest song ever written. The meticulous preparation of the 138-hour, 41-minute, and two-second song encompassed several intricate stages, including recording, editing, and mixing. This elaborate process spanned a significant duration of time, amounting to four years, 63 days, and 295 hours in total.

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