Somalian runner Nasra Abukar Ali was in the headlines this week but for all the wrong reasons. The 20-year-old, competing in the World University Games in China, completed the 100 meters in more than 21 seconds. The video of a sluggish Nasra went viral on the internet. She finished more than 10 seconds behind the winner who clocked 11.58 seconds.

The World University Games is being held in Chengdu, the capital of the Chinese province of Sichuan. The 31st edition of the event is scheduled to go on from July 28 to August 8. The tournament, designated for student-athletes, is held every two years.

In a viral video, Nasra can be seen literally struggling to complete the race. Ali fell so far behind her fellow competitors that she remained out of the frame for most of the race.

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