Sony announced today its new drone that it says is built specifically for professional photography and video creation. The Airpeak was unveiled at Sony’s CES 2021 presentation.

While this is the first time that the company is showing off its new drone, Airpeak was originally mentioned in a press release from Sony back in November of last year, with a vague description stating it was meant to “support the creativity of video creators”. Back then, it was introduced as a drone project in the field of artificial intelligence robotics, with no actual image of what it looked like.

Today, Sony released a video demonstrating the drone in action. Airpeak was used to shoot the road test of Sony’s Vision-S all-electric concept sedan in Austria. An α7S III full-frame mirrorless camera was mounted on the drone to capture the vehicle while running.

The Japanese company claims Airpeak is “the industry’s smallest class of drone that can be equipped with the Alpha system”. It has four rotors and two landing arms that lift when the drone takes off.

Airpeak can perform dynamic filming and stable flight to empower video creators in the field of entertainment with “new possibilities for creative expression”. Sony is planning to introduce a new business aimed at photography and video production professionals in the spring as part of the first phase of its drone project.