Up to now, SoundMax can be noticed almost on all fronts of audio equipment for home entertainment needs. Particularly with the Soundbar speaker line, besides the name that used to resonate in 2017 is the SB-217 model, SoundMax has also recently launched more popular options and importantly, the price is still very soft, characteristic of SoundMax. The latest representative of the soundbar line that appears at the end of 2020 can basically be considered a continuation of its predecessor SB-202.

SoundMax SB-204, which has just been launched by SoundMax, also inherits lightweight features from the SB-202. However, compared to its predecessor, the SoundMax SB-204 looks somewhat more professional because the design is more caring, no less elegant. Instead of choosing the old design style, SB-204 is more sharply peeled by SoundMax when the entire speaker surface area is a protective fabric mesh that creates a seamless block, very suitable for the circular cylinder design of the speaker. The entire elegant speaker bar is placed on a stylized stand with anti-slip rubber soles so users are completely assured when placing speakers on the table, or other planes.

With soundmax SB-204, users can of course also connect speakers to other sources in addition to traditional 3.5mm lane. More specifically, the SoundMax SB-204 lets you play music from Bluetooth wireless sources, or play music directly from a microSD or USB memory pen. The difference of the new generation SoundMax SB-204 loudspeaker is that the product is also designed for mobile use instead of forcing users to put fixed places near power outlets. The built-in SoundMax SB-204 battery can give wireless music play time of more than 3 hours. Instead of using a micro USB charging lane like other models, the SoundMax SB-204 has also been upgraded to USB Type-C standard, which is compatible with most smartphone charging cables today. The company also favors equipping the speaker with a USB Type-C charging cable, so if you still use the old charging standard, you just need to change the cable from SoundMax to the existing battery charging adaptor.

SoundMax SB-204 is equipped by the manufacturer with 2 full-range speakers with a capacity of 6W per speaker inside suitable for small working entertainment spaces. By default, the SoundMax SB-204 sets the volume when connected to Bluetooth at 50%. To switch the source, after wiring the power switch behind the speaker body, the user presses the M key until the green light on the front of the speaker flashes as the product is ready for wireless connection. In fact, thanks to the application of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the connection speed and reconnection of the speakers are very fast. Wireless range is really comfortable as expected.

Try to take a look at some jazz-style Christmas concerts in the chilly atmosphere of the last days of the year, the SoundMax SB-204 is small but makes a pretty good impression of the bass range. Thanks to the advantage of bass range, in small entertainment spaces, SoundMax SB-204 is no less attractive when trying out combinations with action movies.

In general, with an investment of just over 600,000 VND, you already have a delicious cheap option to replace laptop speakers while still being able to use as a portable speaker, combined with other sources such as smartphones for entertainment after a stressful working day.

Reference price: 646,000 VND.