These days the small municipality of Alovera (in the Castilla La Mancha region) has been making headlines in Spain. News came out that the local town council was about to approve a tender for the construction of what will be Europe’s largest inland beach on its territory – Alovera Beach.

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The whole project will consist of a beach complex, which will measure 105,000 m2 and will feature a huge lagoon, as well as a surrounding area of sand. Its idea is to bring the seaside experience closer to the people of Madrid and La Mancha – regions that are quite distant from the multitude of Spanish costas. Alovera is located some 40 kilometres away from the Spanish capital and another 50 from the city of Guadalajara.

Not only will the impressive complex have a choice of beach bars and restaurants where visitors can enjoy a waterside cocktail or cool drink, but Alovera Beach aims to become a benchmark for outdoor water activities, with a sports school for sailing, paddle boarding and kayaking, as well as a zip line and beach volleyball courts.

This is all in addition to the many fun slides and play areas designed to keep the whole family entertained. The much-anticipated saltwater beach is set to be open for business in 2023.

The development would create 350 direct and indirect jobs and would welcome between 250 and 400 thousand visitors a year basically creating a viable tourist destination where there used to be nothing in the vicinity of a sleepy commuter town. Furthermore, the promise is that Alovera Beach will be surrounded by a natural park in order to encourage biodiversity in the area.

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