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Special Glue Regenerates Nerve Cells

( Hydrogel type glue has the function of penetrating the injured area, designing protein surfaces to regenerate and restore brain cell function.

A special glue was researched by the University of Georgia team (USA) in 2017 to help simulate brain structure, regenerate nerve cells after injury. The research results are published in the journal Science Advance.

Research team member Dr. Lohitash Karumbaiah said the glue is a form of hydrogel, designed to aid in the recovery of brain cells. It thus protects protein through improving two important factors including fibroblast development and neural cell nutrition.

Earlier, Karumbaiah tested and demonstrated that this hydrogel could be injected into mice with traumatic brain injury, protecting them from tissue damage under normal conditions. Observations after four weeks showed that the retention of nerve stem cells was significantly improved.

Based on this, the team improved the hydrogel and redesigned the surface of the protective protein to promote brain cell regeneration and rehabilitation. The researchers implanted hydrogels in mice with severe brain trauma.

After 20 weeks, mouse cell repair was enhanced, motor function improved. Observed through 3D images, the glue not only protects the tissues from damage, but also actively regenerates functional nerve cells at the affected site.

“Thanks to this pull and paste, we were able to get a deeper understanding of the intricately structured circuits in some brain regions. Combined with the traditional ideological profile, the team went on to explore cell regeneration possibilities neurological of this glue “, Karumbaiah said.

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