However, what if we create matter that has properties that are completely opposite of super dark matter, which is the ability to reflect all of the incoming light?

Accordingly, a ‘super white’ paint with excellent light reflection has just been successfully created by the Purdue University team (USA). If Vantablack dark matter can absorb 99.86% of the sunlight that falls on, this ‘super white’ paint can reflect up to 95.5% of the sunlight.

Chế tạo thành công sơn siêu trắng có thể phản xạ 95,5% ánh sáng, giúp nhà mát mẻ mà không cần điều hòa - Ảnh 1.

This cooling paint has the ability to reflect light up to 95.5%

According to the basic laws of physics, white objects or surfaces reflect more light than other colors. Theoretically, buildings and houses painted in white will have cooler temperatures.

Many different types of heat-resistant paints have been developed by major paint companies in the world for many years. Most of these paints use materials like glass, Teflon, or most commonly titanium dioxide to be able to reflect sunlight. However, all of these materials have drawbacks.

Therefore, Purdue University scientists have been working on another ‘formula’. The team spent 6 years crafting this paint by analyzing more than 100 materials with more than 50 different formulations. Finally, instead of using titanium dioxide to make paint, the group used more calcium carbonate stone powder (CaCO3). This is a cheap material, easy to find, and absorbs less harmful ultraviolet rays, making it perfect as a building material.

It is known that the concentration of CaCO3 particles in the paint reaches about 60%, with each particle having different sizes, helping to increase the efficiency of dispersing sunlight. Also thanks to the high amount of calcium carbonate, this paint is more shiny, classified as “super white”.

Chế tạo thành công sơn siêu trắng có thể phản xạ 95,5% ánh sáng, giúp nhà mát mẻ mà không cần điều hòa - Ảnh 2.

Infrared image comparing temperature of new coolant paint (left) and commercial paint sample (right)

To test the cooling ability, the team tested the new coating outdoors for two days. As a result, even when exposed to direct sunlight, this paint remains 1.7 ° C cooler than ambient temperature. With an equivalent cooling capacity of 37 W / m 2 , this coating is even 10 ° C cooler than ambient temperature in the evening.

Dr. Xiulin Ruan – co-author of the study, said the formula for this “super white” paint is compatible with the current industrial paint production process. Notably, paint production cost is also cheaper than a half times cheaper than conventional paints.

“The special thing is that the paint has good durability, can be used outdoors for many years,” said Xiulin Ruan. Representatives of the research team also said that the new paint is expected to help build buildings and buildings, reducing the need for air conditioning in the summer.