Composed of 20 floors, this unique skyscraper in the world will not cease to surprise and amaze you: more than 30,000 m2 of surface which hide treasures. Wood is omnipresent: it is found as much in the performance hall – which can accommodate 1,200 people, as in the library, exhibition halls, sports halls and elevator shafts … Not to mention the 200 rooms of the hotel. hotel, restaurants, conference center and art gallery.

According to West France, the wood was collected from the forests around the town of Skelleftea. Forests that are less than 200 kilometers from the skyscraper. The wood was then cut and worked in a sawmill located less than 50 kilometers from the building. A local-scale project.

The city is proud of it and the architectural firm White Architects also: “the project is made with wood as a solid structural material, not just a surface layer on top for the show. For this diversified program, we have called on a range of innovative solutions to manage spans, flexibility, acoustics and overall statics (…) The Sara Kulturhus has a significantly lower environmental impact. We are aiming for a negative rate of carbon emissions ”, explain the architects Robert Schmitz & Oskar Norelius to the Small Journal.

This construction project dates back six years. Oskar Norelius, one of the architects, remembers that this project had left more than one person in doubt; “In 2015, when we proposed such an all-wood building, people thought we were crazy. The hardest part is showing that what works in theory also works in practice, because it had never been done before. Normally, this building is expected to last at least 100 years without any major restorations having to be considered.

According to Source of photo: internet