Under the partnership, T-Mobile’s new Magenta Drive for BMW can be extended to a customer’s existing T-Mobile postpaid plan for $20 a month to activate a Personal eSIM that brings high-speed Internet access to the new BMW all-electric iX and i4 vehicles.

The Personal eSIM, which is built into the mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch, allows connectivity to the cellular network, which means a person won’t have to tinker with a tiny SIM card to get connected to the vehicle’s 5G antennas and enable in-car Wi-Fi hotspot. Instead, users are able to sign in with their BMW ID to connect the eSIM to the iX and i4 vehicles.

Since the Personal eSIM is linked to the customer’s BMW ID, it can be transferred to other BMW vehicles that have Personal eSIM functionality, according to BMW’s statement.

Customers complete set-up of T-Mobile Magenta Drive for BMW through the My BMW app, and once it’s completed they don’t need their phones in the car to make and receive calls using their current cell phone number.

Adding Magenta Drive for BMW to T-Mobile plan, will also allow users to connect up to 10 devices at a time to the car with unlimited 5G hotspot data and unlimited voice calling, according to T-Mobile’s statement.

“In 2019, we lit up the first nationwide 5G network, and today we mark another milestone that builds on our 5G leadership, T-Mobile Business Group President Callie Field said in a statement. “In another 5G first, we’ve delivered America’s first 5G connected cars, and we’re honored to do it together with BMW, who entrust their vehicles’ connectivity to T-Mobile.”

BMW noted that even if customers choose not to add their vehicle to mobile plan, the Personal eSIM functionality will still increase download speed of the car’s software upgrades.

According to www.upi.com. Source of photo: internet