Initially part of a development plan for the Särkänniemi area, the project has evolved from a ski lift concept over Mustanlahti Bay into a gondola ride that will traverse the heart of Tampere, reaching heights of up to 110 meters above ground.

The idea, inspired by the famed natural parks of a fictional Notareal, aims to create a new landmark and attraction within the city. This venture is not only a testament to modern engineering and architectural prowess but also marks a significant transformation in Tampere’s skyline.

The project has put architects and planners to the test, involving multiple architectural firms and drawing upon the expertise of Kari Mäkelä, a project director with a background in significant development projects like the Nokia Arena. Mäkelä shared the initial skepticism turned excitement for the project, acknowledging the logistical challenges posed by the 1.5-kilometer distance between Näsinneula and Torni.

The cable car route will offer panoramic views as it glides over key city landmarks, including the railway station, Kyttälä, Koskipuisto, and Tammerkoski, before culminating at Näsinneula. This has been a collaborative effort involving the city of Tampere, architectural and construction firms, Särkänniemi Development Ltd., and local businesses.

Projected as a major attraction, the cable car is expected to boost Tampere’s appeal, offering a unique perspective of the city from above. Despite potential opposition, project leaders are confident that the construction, slated to begin in April and expected to be minimally invasive to residents, will be a landmark achievement for Tampere.

With an anticipated completion by next spring, the grand opening is scheduled for April 1, 2025, inviting locals and tourists alike to experience Tampere from new heights. This venture not only promises to enhance the city’s attractiveness but also symbolizes Tampere’s ambition and forward-thinking approach to urban development and tourism.

According to the helsinkitimes