Trung Tadashi’s true name is Tran Nhat Trung, and he was born on November 16, 1978. He has been self-studying and mastering tattoo art since 2009, thanks to his talent for drawing and his childhood love of art. Trung Tadashi founded Tadashi Tattoo in 2012, after graduating from Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts.

Trung Tadashi’s tattoos frequently incorporate symbols from East Asian culture, such as dragons, phoenixes, lions, samurai, koi fish, carp, cherry blossoms, white cranes, etc., as a result of his long time living in Japan. His works capture the soul of traditional East Asian art culture while expressing the vibrant and distinctive beauty of modern tattoo art.

In 2022, Trung Tadashi won the “BEST TATTOO OF THE SHOW” award in the US with his chest tattoo with Asian theme: Dragon – Tiger and Zen Master.

Artist Trung Tadashi wrote down his expertise and experiences in the book “Enchantment from Tattoo Art,” intending to assist people who wish to pursue tattoo art or interested persons quickly learn about this.

The book’s content goes into great detail about the connections between painting and tattooing, the history of tattooing as a tradition, the origin of the dragon tattoo, the various tattoo styles found in Japanese and East Asian cultures, tattoos that embrace mythical, epic beauty and the traditions of Asian countries, and so on.

Through this publication, tattoo artist Tran Nhat Trung (Trung Tadashi) has set a Vietnam record, title: Enchantment from Tattoo Art – The first book in Vietnam to introduce East Asian tattoo art in English and Vietnamese.

Dr. Lawyer Nguyen Van Vien – Director of the Vietnam Intellectual Property Institute – Vice President of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Record Association and Ms. Vo Luu Lan Uyen awarded the record certificate to tattoo artist Tran Nhat Trung (Trung Tadashi)