The World’s Best Rice Contest 2021 was held in Dubai from December 7 to 9. This year, Vietnam’s ST25 rice did not participate in the competition. This is also an advantage for Thai rice to easily take the throne for the second time in a row.


Thailand’s Hom Mali (Jasmine) rice variety has been brought to this contest for many years, but won’t win until 2020 and 2021. Previously, in 2018, the title of the world’s best rice went to Cambodia, and in 2019 this “crown” belonged to Vietnam’s ST25 rice variety.

Previously, two Vietnamese enterprises had submitted rice to the contest, but were not named. Particularly, ST25 rice of engineer Ho Quang Cua, who won the world’s best rice award in 2019, did not participate.

Mr.Ho Quang Cua said that on November 30, the representative of the contest organizers invited him to send ST25 rice to participate, but due to the stressful epidemic situation and too urgent to prepare in time, he refused to attend.

According to news/vnexpress