Designer Ho Thuy Diem Phuong has always been inventive in Ao Dai costumes, with the purpose of preserving the nation’s good traditional cultural values in the growth of modern life. In addition to merging contemporary beauty with ancient values in her ensembles, she uses a variety of materials and hand-applied needlework to create high-end costumes.

The Ao Dai with the theme “Non song gam voc” (which means “beautiful country” in English) is 220.6 meters long and weighs up to roughly 250 kilos. The costume is made from 410 meters of taffeta fabric, hundreds of chiffon lotus leaves, and hundreds of brocade lotus petals. Drawings hand-embroidered with millions of hand-attached crystal beads adorn the surface of the ao dai.

50 meters of Vietnamese silk, 380 beaded laces, 100 rolls of wool, and 300 massive decorative stones add to the ao dai’s weight. This task took more than a month and 20 embroiderers, seamstresses, and knitters working day and night to accomplish.

31 famous Vietnamese landmarks present on the ao dai
Along the Ao Dai made of brocade, the Vietnamese iconic sites are interlaced with stunning lotus fields and 3D-embossed chiffon lotus leaves

The “Non Song Gam Voc” reflects the majestic grandeur of Vietnam, with a particular feature of linked 30-piece materials. Each ao dai piece depicts motifs from Vietnam’s culture, history, natural beauty, and picturesque spots.

The “Non song gam voc” designed by Phuong Ho has a total length of up to 220.6m
The “Non song gam voc” themed ao dai performance at the art show celebrating Hung Kings’ Festival and Dat To Culture and Tourism Week 2023

The Vietnam Record Organization – VietKings has officially recognized designer Ho Thuy Diem Phuong (Phuong Ho) with the ao dai themed “Non song gam voc” for setting a Vietnam record with the following content:

“Non song gam voc” – The longest (220.6m) handmade sewn Ao Dai introducing and promoting Vietnam’s famous picturesque places.  

Dr. Nguyen Hoang Anh – Vice President of Vietnam Record Organization – VietKings, Director of Richs Institute and Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Ngoc – General Secretary of Vietnam Record Organization jointly awarded the Vietnam record certificate to designer Phuong Ho

Designer Ho Thuy Diem Phuong stated that after performing domestically and internationally, she aims to change the record-breaking Ao Dai into 100 standard ao dai and conduct a fashion show so that fashionistas can admire the patterns on the Ao Dai with beautifully embroidered scenic spots firsthand. The 100 ao dai costumes will subsequently be auctioned off to collect funds for the “A Ao Dai Costume – a Thousand Warm Coats” charity project, which will then be delivered to poor children in highland areas.