Traci and Dave Gagnon met back in October 2015 in virtual form inside of Dave’s “virtual office” as an avatar, and fast forward just 6 years and the couple is the first to get married in the metaverse… while getting married in real-life.

The couple met in real life after meeting during their company’s global convention — the two work for a real estate brokerage — and then started dating in March 2019. After 3 months of romance they were engaged, and then on September 4, 2021 the couple got married in a virtual chapel in the sky.

Traci told Insider that it was the CEO of the real estate company they worked for that floated the idea of a virtual wedding and getting married “in the cloud”. A sister branch of the employer who creates virtual spaces stepped in, and provided the virtual world for the Gagnon’s to get married in the metaverse.

A traditional wedding was hosted in real life with 100 guests in Manchester, New Hampshire on September 4, 2021 — invited guests who couldn’t make it due to the pandemic rules, could celebrate with the couple in the metaverse. There was one wedding photographer that recorded the real-life, real-world wedding while another covered the live stream for the virtual guests.

Traci’s wedding dress was used to customize her avatar to look more like her, with a specially designed virtual avatar of the couple for their wedding during the ceremony. Traci added: “The avatars can dance, the avatars can run, the avatars can do all kinds of really, really cool things. I think it shows that the world has changed and what could be possible next. It is a very exciting thing”.

What’s the cost of a wedding in the metaverse?

  • $30,000 or so for a virtual wedding
  • $10,000 for something with less customization

According to Source of photo: internet