While having the fastest wireless Internet speed standard is nothing new on flagship Androids like the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it will be a novel thing when it arrives on Apple’s 2021 iPhones, and that’s exactly what will happen according to Digitimes, your window to the Taiwanese supply chain.

The Wi-Fi 6E support means the phones will be capable of operating on the 6 GHz band. It works like the current WiFi 6 on 5 GHz but with way more channels that won’t interfere or overlap. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi 6E can have 14 additional 80 MHz channels and 7 additional 160 MHz channels, reducing congestion and interference.

There is even a jab at Apple there when the Wi-Fi Alliance was announcing the new and improved wireless connectivity standard: “Wi-Fi 6 is built for better performance in congested spaces – so you’ll see performance improved in homes which buffet against neighbor’s networks, better performance in your office, and better performance using Wi-Fi in public spaces, such as (dare I say it) in the conference chamber at WWDC.”

Well, now Apple can prove those naysayers wrong by incorporating the latest and greatest Wi-Fi 6E tech into its iPhone 13 that is slated for a September release. On another note, the same report reiterates that both iPhone 13 Pro models will have ToF LiDAR camera sensors for all of the augmented reality shenanigans Apple intends to throw their way, so there’s that, too.