With the aim of attracting tourists inside and outside the province to know the potential and strengths of ecology in the district, the People’s Committee of Na Hang District decided to attach the activities of the Na Hang Aromatic festival 2023 to promote travel, trade in services and stimulate demand for the product. 

The Hong Thai pear flower has double petals and a larger flower size. Flowering time lasts for 2–3 weeks every year around the end of February to early March, and the fruiting season lasts about 1 month (about in September of the solar calendar). Hong Thai commune has been a tourist destination in the Na Hang district in recent years, and the reputation of Hong Thai pear flower season has grown in popularity. The number of tourists visiting pear blossoms to admire their beauty is enormously growing.

The pear blossom route, which is 6 kilometers long and has over 650 pear trees, was certified as “The longest pear blossom route in Vietnam” by the Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings).

Dr.Thang Van Phuc (second from left) – Former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Central Chairman of the Vietnam Record Association, and Mr. Hoang Thai Tuan Anh (far right) representing VietKings presented the certificate of record-setting to the People’s Committee of Na Hang District, Tuyen Quang Province 

Some of other photos at the event:





Editor of WORLDKINGS (Source of photos: VietKings)