“Neapolitan milanese” (Fried Beef) is one of Argentina’s most famous dishes, based on the recipe of “Milanese” made from Italian veal. Dozens of chefs prepared this dish on May 2 in Lujan, a city about 70 kilometers northwest of Buenos Aires.

Cristian Ibarlucia, project manager “La Milanesa Records”, said that this special cake plate is 4 meters long, 3 meters wide, 3 centimeters thick and weighs 926 kilograms. He hopes the Guinness World Records organization will recognize this as the world’s largest Neapolitan milanese plate.

“We checked the Guinness World Records list as well as other organizations in the world and found that there is no record for breaded beef yet,” Ibarlucia said. “Therefore, the local government issued the certificate to facilitate our work with Guinness World or any other entity of our choice,” he said.

Neapolitan milanese is said to have been invented by the Argentinians with a tomato sauce and melted cheese topping the surface of breaded beef. Milanesa Day is an annual festival held on May 3 to celebrate the favorite food of the people of this South American country.

According to blogtuan.info. Source of photo: internet