“This strain shows relatively mild symptoms and the mortality rate has dropped significantly. While about 2% of people with previous strains died, now this number is only about 0.1%, “said expert Chumakov.

“I think in a few months, a large part of the population will be infected with this mutation,” Mr. Chumakov added.

The Russian expert pointed out that Omicron, unlike other strains of Covid-19, which affects the upper respiratory tract, does not cause pneumonia.

Chumakov also stressed that any pandemic should not last more than two or three years.

“Now with the fact that Omicron has emerged, it’s probably a chance for the pandemic to end soon,” the Russian expert concludes.

Omicron was first discovered in Africa and has spread to nearly 150 countries around the world. According to a study by scientists in Hong Kong, compared to the Delta variant, Omicron can replicate 70 times faster in the upper respiratory tract, leading to a higher risk of spread.

Previous studies have shown that, despite its higher transmissibility, Omicron seems to cause milder symptoms than other SARS-CoV-2 strains. Since Omicron appears to have a lower risk of serious illness than Delta, the emergence of this variant has raised hopes that it will be the beginning of a trend toward viruses becoming milder, such as the common cold. common, common, normal. Some scientists believe that Omicron could mark the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.

More than 2 years since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is still struggling to cope with a new outbreak due to the emergence of new strains. The Omicron mutation discovered at the end of 2021 is causing an increase in the number of new infections in many parts of the world, posing major challenges to the health system.

However, experts predict that Covid-19 could become an endemic disease by 2022, or in other words no longer pose a major threat to the world.

“2022 is the year that the Covid-19 pandemic could end. Now we have the tools that can reduce the severity of this disease,” said Maria Van Kerkhove, Technical Lead who manages Covid. -19 of the World Health Organization (WHO). This prediction is based on the calculation that, by mid -2022, all countries will achieve vaccination rates of at least 70%.

Moderna chairman and co-founder Noubar Afeyan, predicted recently that “2022 may be the year when the pandemic enters the endemic phase, but that depends on what is happening in reality. And decisions are made worldwide”.

Earlier this month, WHO Special Envoy for Covid-19 David Nabarro also said that the pandemic would still challenge the world for at least another 3 months, but the hope of ending the pandemic was in go ahead.

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