The 7,800-hectare Platinum Rhino farm, housing 2,000 white rhinos, now belongs to the organization associated with Prince Harry. African Parks stated, “African Parks has become the new owner of Platinum Rhino, the world’s largest private captive breeding operation for rhinos.” the NGO said in a statement.

The farm’s founder, wealthy businessman John Hume, had put it up for auction due to the high costs involved in his conservation efforts. Despite his efforts, no buyers emerged, putting the rhinos at risk of poaching. Wealthy businessman John Hume, 81, opened the farm in 2009. Faced with the exorbitant costs of his vast project, he put his property up for auction in April, saying he was looking for another “millionaire” to take over.

African Parks, with support from the South African government and conservation groups, stepped in to secure the future of these animals.

African Parks plans to reintroduce farmed rhinos into the wild over the next ten years, in particular by transferring them to protected areas in Africa. One strategy to combat the slaughter of rhinos is to preventively cut off the coveted horns, which can then grow back. In South Africa, trade in rhino horns within the country is authorised, albeit controversially, but export is illegal.

According to the africanews