Could you make it a full day without touching your phone, TV or laptop? wants to find out — and they’re offering a $2,400 reward to volunteers who accept the challenge. 

The company is hosting a “24-Hour Digital Detox Challenge” where participants will ditch their devices and report on the experience. is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and offers brand comparisons, buyers guide, research and more on different home products and devices.

“Are you burnt out from doom scrolling on your phone, re-watching old sitcoms, and trying to maintain your sanity during the pandemic?” the company wrote in its announcement. “Have you always wanted to win reality competitions like American Ninja Warrior, but you’ve been too busy trying to beat Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat instead?”

Anyone who is 18 or older and eligible to work in the United States can apply. The challengers will be announced on’s Youtube channel on March 29. 

Participants will have two weeks to accept or decline the challenge and pick a day that works for their schedule to complete it. They can spend their day however they choose, but they must agree to go 24 hours without cell phones, TV, gaming devices, computers, smartwatches and other wearable technology, and smart home devices. does note in the announcement, however, that microwaves and other cooking appliances are allowed. 

“Detox challengers” will receive a safe to store all of their devices in as well as a $200 Amazon gift card to put together a tech-free survival kit to help pass the time: board games, books and writing stationery were among’s suggestions. After the challenge, participants are also required to submit screen time reports to show they went the full day without using their technology.

Screen time has surged amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as adults work from home and schools hold classes online to curb the virus’ spread. According to a recent report from, the average American spends more than 56 hours per week watching TV, and checks their phones once every nine minutes. 

“We have a feeling someone out there needs a break,” the company wrote in its announcement. 

Interested? Fill out a short application for the challenge here. Applications close on March 26.