Just about every high-fashion brand you can think of has dabbled in the crypto world. But not Tiffany & Co; it’s, quite literally, taking it all as a joke.

The luxury jeweler has rolled out a ‘TiffCoin’, a move that came just a day after April Fool’s Day, when it jested that it would be launching a cryptocurrency. It turns out that the TiffCoin is indeed real—and the even greater news is that you can hold it in your palm. You won’t be able to spend it, though.

At 11:11 am on April 2, a total of 499 individually numbered 18k yellow-gold coins were issued on the Tiffany & Co website for US$9,999 each. Customers only had 24 hours to nab them. Each was engraved with a stylized Tiffany currency symbol, alluding to the jeweler’s April Fool’s prank.

Going further back in time, the TiffCoins are a modern tribute to the gold and silver Tiffany Money coins the brand used to hand out from 1973 to 2007 that shoppers could exchange for jewelry.

The new, limited-edition version, on the other hand, is strictly ornamental.

“Okay, we’re not launching our own cryptocurrency… You can’t spend these TiffCoins, but why would you want to?” asks the label. It does, however, note that the coin could unlock “access to future Tiffany happenings.”

The collectible coins were released to customers in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.