Lee Byung-chul (12 February 1910 – 19 November 1987) was a South Korean businessman. He was the founder of the Samsung Group and one of South Korea’s most successful businessmen. It is South Korea’s largest business group.

Lee Byung-Chull was born in Uiryeong Country, South Gyeongsang Province, 1910. He lived in a wealthy and rich family known as Gyeongju Lee clan. He studied in a private school named Munsan-jung established by his grandfather, Munsan Hong Seok Lee. He studied Chinese Classic at the age of 5 until 10, after that he was transferred to a middle school in Jinju named Jisu Middle School. The next year he was transferred to a middle school in Seoul. Then he studied modern sciences in Jun-dong Middle School.

He had married Park Du Eul, daughter of Park Paeng Nyeon who was a member of Sayuksin in 1926. After that,  he was having his education at Waseda University in Tokyo, but he didn’t complete his degree and left college.

At the very beginning, he started his first career by the resources from his father which after his father’s death, he opens up a rice mill located in his own town Gyeongnam. Unfortunately, the business of rice mill was unsuccessful and he shut down the rice mill and changed his way of a career which was a trucking company(courier company) named Samsung Trading Company located in Daegu, on March 1, 1938. “Three Stars” originally mean by the word Samsung and the pattern of the initial logos was explained.

In 1945, Samsung was successful and started to transport items throughout Korea to other countries, the company was based in Seoul in 1947. The Korean war was over in 1961, General Park in South Korea came into power, during that time Lee Byung-Chul was staying in Japan and he didn’t want to return to South Korea.

His company was stuck with General Park’s Government and him handover his company to the bank and let them control it. After that event company was run through the orders given by Park’s Government.

During the Korean War, Lee Byung-Chul was almost lost everything he had, but he manages to maintain and get back everything and get back his own feet and became the billionaire in Korea. I pick Lee Byung-Chul as my entrepreneur because of this event, he was able to solve every problem everyone facing during the wartime but he was outstanding and solve all the problem and finally become a successful person and maintain his successful product (Samsung).

Even now Samsung is well known throughout the world, most of the electrical product was produced by Samsung.